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B & W Bathroom 2012

Free-standing tubs add a beautiful and modern design to a bathroom. These tubs are designed to stand directly on the floor and do not require walls for installation. They work well in large bathrooms where space is plentiful.The tub spout can be wall or floor mounted.
This custom glass surround features a stainless steel sliding track system. In this large shower we installed a square floor drain with tile insert.
The cabinetry was customized to fit the space. Modern wall-mounted faucets were installed over square under-mount sinks.

B & A Kitchen 2011

Upper wall cabinets were sacrificed to allow more light to shine through the windows.The simple cabinet design and granite countertops are enhanced by the rich hardwood floors.
The cabinetry was custom built to conceal a washer and dryer near the kitchen area.
The door fronts are removable to allow the appliances to be rearranged as necessary.

B & D Bathroom 2011

Natural stone work, frameless shower door, and dark bronze fixtures give this master bathroom a classic design and a warm feel.
The pattern on the wall ties together the accent tile in the shower and the backsplash behind the vanity. Note the accuracy in the proportions and the symmetry in relation to the tub.
Professionally refinished, this cabinet was brought back to life. We spiced it up with new bronze handles to match all the other fixtures in the bathroom.

R & D Kitchen 2010

The term Galley Kitchen is used to refer to the design of household kitchen wherein the units are fitted into a continuous array with no kitchen table, allowing maximum use of a restricted space, and work with the minimum of required movement between units.
Upper (wall) cabinets standard sizes are 30” and 39”. An 8’ ceiling allows the installation of 39” upper cabinets, while keeping the recommended distance from the countertop.
A passthrough was created between the kitchen and the dining room. Both the light tube and the passthrough allow more light to brighten in the kitchen.

D M Kitchen 2011

A hard wired under-cabinet lighting system was used in this kitchen. The round lights are unintrusive and the wire is not visible, even without a filler piece on the front of the cabinets. Adding a filler piece to cover the lights often takes away precious space between the countertop and the upper cabinets.
For a more contemporary look, within budget, kitchen cabinets from Ikea were used.
A well planned kitchen: the sliding door was replaced and moved about a foot to allow for a hutch to be installed on the back wall. The lighting system is also completely new: symmetry is your friend.