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A & M Bathroom 2012

Vessel sinks are supported by a wall-mounted vanity.This lighted unit offers plenty of storage. It also sets a tone and gives character to the bathroom.
A drop-in tub with head rest was strategically positioned in front of a window to enjoy the green view outside while taking a relaxing bath.
A ledge along the shower wall offers a great alternative to shampoo cubbies.The volume and temperature controls were purposely positioned away from the shower head, to make adjustments before entering the water stream. No glass door was installed as the shower head was placed on the far wall, away from the opening.

S & D Kitchen 2010

The peninsula provides plenty of seating space, accent lighting, and a warm and inclusive space with the living room and dining area. These are key elements for a new century kitchen. Whether we like to entertain or not, whether we have a large or a small family, kitchens are where we spend most of our time when we are at home.
Double undermount stainless sink. Trays provide drainage and additional protection from scratches.
An open hutch displays colorful accent pieces.