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A & M Bathroom 2012

Vessel sinks are supported by a wall-mounted vanity.This lighted unit offers plenty of storage. It also sets a tone and gives character to the bathroom.
A drop-in tub with head rest was strategically positioned in front of a window to enjoy the green view outside while taking a relaxing bath.
A ledge along the shower wall offers a great alternative to shampoo cubbies.The volume and temperature controls were purposely positioned away from the shower head, to make adjustments before entering the water stream. No glass door was installed as the shower head was placed on the far wall, away from the opening.

B & D Bathroom 2011

Natural stone work, frameless shower door, and dark bronze fixtures give this master bathroom a classic design and a warm feel.
The pattern on the wall ties together the accent tile in the shower and the backsplash behind the vanity. Note the accuracy in the proportions and the symmetry in relation to the tub.
Professionally refinished, this cabinet was brought back to life. We spiced it up with new bronze handles to match all the other fixtures in the bathroom.

M & H Bathroom 2010

Elegant over-mount sink with granite countertop.
The existing jetted tub was left in place, while all the tile work was re-done. It is important to use bullnose tile for this application to avoid getting hurt stepping in and out of the tub.
This chocolate brown tile compliments the colors on the countertop and the vanity. The size of the tile is often proportional to the size of the room. In this medium-sized bathroom, the client selected a simple 13”x13” ceramic tile with light brown grout.