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Treasure 2012

Treasure #1
Sometimes little treasures surface from another world. This postcard was found buried under the floor of an old Portland house remodeled in 2012.
Treasure #2
“Children will practice three times this week” June 14, 1925

J & C Bathroom 2012

J&C Bath#1 2012
This custom shower features a comfortable bench and a frameless hinged shower glass.
J&C Bath#3 2012
Quartz is one of the most popular countertop materials. It is as strong and durable as granite, and it comes in a variety of colors and patterns. The advantage of this man made material is that it is not as porous as a natural stone product. It does not need to be re-sealed to avoid staining.
J&C Bath#2 2012
Top view of the shower pan

B & W Bathroom 2012

Free-standing tubs add a beautiful and modern design to a bathroom. These tubs are designed to stand directly on the floor and do not require walls for installation. They work well in large bathrooms where space is plentiful.The tub spout can be wall or floor mounted.
This custom glass surround features a stainless steel sliding track system. In this large shower we installed a square floor drain with tile insert.
The cabinetry was customized to fit the space. Modern wall-mounted faucets were installed over square under-mount sinks.

A & M Bathroom 2012

Vessel sinks are supported by a wall-mounted vanity.This lighted unit offers plenty of storage. It also sets a tone and gives character to the bathroom.
A drop-in tub with head rest was strategically positioned in front of a window to enjoy the green view outside while taking a relaxing bath.
A ledge along the shower wall offers a great alternative to shampoo cubbies.The volume and temperature controls were purposely positioned away from the shower head, to make adjustments before entering the water stream. No glass door was installed as the shower head was placed on the far wall, away from the opening.

G & V Kitchen 2012

Light is an important consideration for any space; this kitchen is brightened by the large window and recessed fixtures.
Frosted glass, aluminum and a light shade of wood for a contemporary look.
Ceramic tile provides kitchen countertops a hard and durable surface. Grout lines need to be cleaned and sealed often to maintain their original color.