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B & A Kitchen 2011

Upper wall cabinets were sacrificed to allow more light to shine through the windows.The simple cabinet design and granite countertops are enhanced by the rich hardwood floors.
The cabinetry was custom built to conceal a washer and dryer near the kitchen area.
The door fronts are removable to allow the appliances to be rearranged as necessary.

K W Kitchen 2008

All the appliances have the same finish: range, fridge, dishwasher and microwave. The sink and the cabinet handles are also stainless steel.
Pantries are often installed at the end of a run of cabinets. It is important to add a spacer between the last corner cabinet and the wall, in order to allow doors and drawers to function properly.
This beautiful granite countertop extends 9” into the dining room to create some leg room for barstools.

D & K Kitchen 2010

A butcher block countertop was used in this small country style kitchen. Note that the microwave has beed incorporated into the upper cabinet to create more countertop working space.
Large two-door stainless steel fridge, with ice maker and water dispenser witch custom nook.
The wine bottle cabinet was placed away from any sources of heat, such as stoves or ovens.