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J & C Bathroom 2012

J&C Bath#1 2012
This custom shower features a comfortable bench and a frameless hinged shower glass.
J&C Bath#3 2012
Quartz is one of the most popular countertop materials. It is as strong and durable as granite, and it comes in a variety of colors and patterns. The advantage of this man made material is that it is not as porous as a natural stone product. It does not need to be re-sealed to avoid staining.
J&C Bath#2 2012
Top view of the shower pan

B & D Bathroom 2011

Natural stone work, frameless shower door, and dark bronze fixtures give this master bathroom a classic design and a warm feel.
The pattern on the wall ties together the accent tile in the shower and the backsplash behind the vanity. Note the accuracy in the proportions and the symmetry in relation to the tub.
Professionally refinished, this cabinet was brought back to life. We spiced it up with new bronze handles to match all the other fixtures in the bathroom.

M & I Bathroom 2011

The wall-mounted bar allows the shower head to be raised or lowered to the desired height. The shower head itself can be removed from the bar for various uses. This model comes with with a soap dish attached.
Tiles from the same collection work very well together. For this walk-in shower, we used a 12”x16” field tile on the walls, a 3”x3” tile for the pan and the accent, and a 3”x12” bullnose tile for the curb.
Shampoo cubbies are often set at eye level. The tile at the base of the cubby is always set on a very gentle slope, preventing water from pooling.

A & M Bathroom 2008

In this modern application, the narrow cabinet was modified to accommodate vessel sinks, and the legs were removed. The faucets were plumbed and installed directly on the wall.
The shower surround was entirely made of 1x2 inch glass tile, including the shampoo cubby insert.
A dual flush toilet with a simple, clean look finished off the room.

J & D Bathroom 2010

Adding interest to a simple shower surround: large vertical subway tile, custom shampoo cubbies, and accent tile.
In order to create a gentle slope towards the drain, the tile chosen for a shower pan is often made of 1x1 inch, 2x2 inch, hexagonal tile, or pebble stones.
Grab bars placed on an angle allow people of all ages and heights to reach them easily.

J R Bathroom 2009

A drop-in tub was used in an alcove. Special attention was paid to the installation of a tile flange where the tub meets the three walls. This application allowed us to create a tiled skirt on the front of the tub.
The same accent tile used for the tub or shower surround is often used as a vanity backsplash, to tie the room together.
The closet and entry doors were sanded and stained to match the finish of the vanity and mirror.

K & K Bathroom 2010

This beautiful Old Portland home called for a bathroom remodel in the original style. White subway tiles stand out thanks to the darker grout lines.
A touch of modern in a period bathroom: hexagon tile floor, subway tile surround, wainscoting, tall baseboard, and hard wired towel warmer.
Many hours went into the planning, design and execution of this hexagon tile floor. The outcome was very rewarding for both the client and the tiler.