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S R Bathroom 2008

This beautiful tile arrangement is repeated throughout the bathroom.
The finish on the faucet matches all the other plumbing and light fixtures in the bath.
The windows are positioned above the shower to allow light in and to keep moisture out.

M G Bathroom 2011

This contemporary shower features glass subway tile throughout. Although most glass tiles have a white backing, it is important to use the proper color thinset to avoid noticing imperfections through the glass. We selected white grout and a white thinset behind this tile to achieve the effect desired.
The original tub was left in place. Marmoleum flooring, wood baseboard, and a modern vent cover complete the job.
On the opposite corner of the bathroom is an inset medicine cabinet and a one-piece countertop with integral sink. Notice that the mirror is perfectly centered with the faucet and the light fixture.

M & I Bathroom 2011

The wall-mounted bar allows the shower head to be raised or lowered to the desired height. The shower head itself can be removed from the bar for various uses. This model comes with with a soap dish attached.
Tiles from the same collection work very well together. For this walk-in shower, we used a 12”x16” field tile on the walls, a 3”x3” tile for the pan and the accent, and a 3”x12” bullnose tile for the curb.
Shampoo cubbies are often set at eye level. The tile at the base of the cubby is always set on a very gentle slope, preventing water from pooling.

M & H Bathroom 2010

Elegant over-mount sink with granite countertop.
The existing jetted tub was left in place, while all the tile work was re-done. It is important to use bullnose tile for this application to avoid getting hurt stepping in and out of the tub.
This chocolate brown tile compliments the colors on the countertop and the vanity. The size of the tile is often proportional to the size of the room. In this medium-sized bathroom, the client selected a simple 13”x13” ceramic tile with light brown grout.

G J Bathroom 2010

Another example of an ever more popular vessel sink, and a wall mounted fixture. Note how the accent tile compliments the shower surround.
Curved shower rods are becoming more popular, particularly where the space inside the tub area is limited. These types of rods are not spring loaded like the common straight bars. They are secured on the wall with screws through the tile.
This photo speaks for itself. This is what a fancy toilet seat controller can do.

A & M Bathroom 2008

In this modern application, the narrow cabinet was modified to accommodate vessel sinks, and the legs were removed. The faucets were plumbed and installed directly on the wall.
The shower surround was entirely made of 1x2 inch glass tile, including the shampoo cubby insert.
A dual flush toilet with a simple, clean look finished off the room.