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Treasure 2012

Treasure #1
Sometimes little treasures surface from another world. This postcard was found buried under the floor of an old Portland house remodeled in 2012.
Treasure #2
“Children will practice three times this week” June 14, 1925

B & R Bathroom 2011

A contemporary square bathroom faucet with waterfall spout complements the lines of this vessel sink.
Contrary to popular belief, a large floor and wall tile in a very small space often makes the room look bigger. The color and layout of the tile also play a part in creating the desired optical illusion.
The size of the tile for the shower surround has been reduced, but the style and the layout remain the same.

M G Bathroom 2011

This contemporary shower features glass subway tile throughout. Although most glass tiles have a white backing, it is important to use the proper color thinset to avoid noticing imperfections through the glass. We selected white grout and a white thinset behind this tile to achieve the effect desired.
The original tub was left in place. Marmoleum flooring, wood baseboard, and a modern vent cover complete the job.
On the opposite corner of the bathroom is an inset medicine cabinet and a one-piece countertop with integral sink. Notice that the mirror is perfectly centered with the faucet and the light fixture.

D R Kitchen 2009

These containers mounted under a cabinet will hold flour, sugar, coffee, salt, and more: just another great space-saving idea.
This modern kitchen called for a detailed backsplash. A mosaic marble-mix tile, and glass subway tile was used.
Making the best use of every inch of wall space, while decorating the kitchen.

K & K Bathroom 2010

This beautiful Old Portland home called for a bathroom remodel in the original style. White subway tiles stand out thanks to the darker grout lines.
A touch of modern in a period bathroom: hexagon tile floor, subway tile surround, wainscoting, tall baseboard, and hard wired towel warmer.
Many hours went into the planning, design and execution of this hexagon tile floor. The outcome was very rewarding for both the client and the tiler.